Q. What are these CrowdSigns you speak of?
A. Well, in short, they are GIANT Photo Booth Props based off some of your favorite Social Media apps.

Q. What can I use these for?
A. Just about anything! CrowdSigns are great for photo opportunities at ANY event!

Parties, Weddings, Nightclubs, Fests, Conferences, Trade Shows, Art Galleries, Sporting Events, Networking Events, School Events, and more. Your guests will love them!

Q. What material do you print on?
A. We print on sturdy CrowdPlast material, which makes for a sturdy, lightweight, portable board. They are 4mm thick which is sturdy but still lightweight enough to carry around anywhere.

They are great for outdoors too since there are "wind slits" within the material. 

Q. Will the flash off my camera cause a glare?
Nope! We print these in Matte Finish.

Q. Can I use these outdoors?
A. Yep! The ink and board material are weather resistant.

Q. What are the sizes of your CrowdSigns & BigFace options?
A. We have 3 options:

18" x 24"
(Fits up to 2 people)
24" x 36"
(Fits up to 4 people)
32" x 46"
(Fits up to 6 people)


18" x 24"
24" x 36"
32" x 46"

Q. How fast can I get my order?
A. We have 3 options:

  • FAST (8-12 business days)
  • FASTER (5-7 business days)
  • FASTEST (3-4 business days)

The turnaround cut off time is 3pm CST. If you submit your files after 3pm CST, your sign will go into production the following business day.

Q. How do I customize my sign?
A. Once you pick your favorite social media sign, choose the size, choose the turnaround time and click the red button that says "CUSTOMIZE YOUR SIGN NOW".

Q. Are there any limitations when customizing my sign?
A. No limitations. You can be as creative as you want to be.

Q. Can I use my phone or tablet to order my CrowdSign?
A. Of course! You can customize and order your CrowdSign on most mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktops!

Q. Can I purchase one for a friend and can you guys ship it to them directly?
A. Absolutely! After you customize your sign, just enter your friend's shipping address during checkout. It will be shipped directly to them.

Q. Can I return or receive a refund for my sign after I have received it?
A. If your CrowdSign is damaged (which it shouldn't be!), send us a picture of the damaged CrowdSign within 7 business days and we will ship you a brand new one.

Q. How do you ship your signs?
A. Signs are securely packaged in a box, handled and shipped with care. We use UPS and FedEx.

Q. If I am from Hawaii or Alaska, can I still have a CrowdSign delivered to me?
A. Absolutely! Just check out and enter your address. We will deliver the sign on the specified date you chose.

Q. Can I order a CrowdSign if I live outside of the United States? Do you ship internationally?
A. At this time we can only ship to the United States. Canada, Europe and Australia are in the works. Check back soon!

Q. Can you print other Social Media apps that are not listed on your site?
A. Shoot us an email and let us know about your idea. Email us at: info[at]crowdsigns.com.

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