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CrowdSigns Conception - October 28, 2014
CrowdSigns Birthdate - March 1, 2015.

Once upon a time, a BIPOC, husband & wife team, from Chicago, decided to marry their favorite social media platforms with party props. They printed a few of these "life-size" cut-outs & tested them at their friends & family's events. Sure enough, they were a hit! So they decided to spend some sleepless nights building a fun, interactive shop for YOU to customize & order your own CrowdSigns.

Then 2020 came along... when the pandemic hit, people weren't able to throw parties (thanks, social distancing!) & naturally weren't buying as many party props — so they decided to pivot into optimistic signs that you can put in your yard, hang in your windows, or gift!

CrowdSigns is in the business to make people happy and give back to causes near & dear to their heart. Thank you for helping celebrate life's special moments & spread important messages of LOVE!

And here we are today, thousands of orders later, trying to make sure EVERY event & lawn has CrowdSigns.


Jovim Ventura
One Handed Juggler

Dani Majer
Marketing Ninja

Ashley Menardo
Design Unicorn

Conrad Quitoviera
Photo Nerd

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