Podo + CrowdSigns

Posted: Apr 10 2015

The fine folks from Podo from San Francisco is one such customer who understands the fun yet affordable way of marketing that CrowdSigns photo props offer. Podo markets a "stick-anywhere" camera that can take photos and videos from various angles and can be controlled from your phone. So, bye-bye selfie sticks and welcome Podo! When they first reached out to us - The CrowdSigns Crew was blown away by their camera technology. 

The cool Podo camera and CrowdSigns photo props are a marriage made in heaven because what better way to introduce a camera than to click photos with eye-catching photo props? The engaging way in which Podo can talk about its unique concept and create brand awareness beyond the physical visitors at the stall is an added advantage. Podo has recognized the interest and exposure that the photo booth props will generate for its product and that the photo props can be use multiple times in various other events too.

CrowdSigns is looking forward to more such creative partnerships in the near future.

Check out the cool crew at Podo!

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