Viral Tradeshow Marketing Idea with CrowdSigns

Posted: Apr 10 2015

CrowdSigns' photo booth props allow the marketing of your event to be magnified and go viral. The visitors at your booth or table can make your advertising message go viral by sharing these unique photos on social media, and enhance your company’s exposure not just at the event that you are attending, but also through the various social platforms. The unique design of each of these social media props ensure maximum eyeballs at the least possible investment.

To give you a rough idea of the possible interest generation, imagine that there are 20 visitors at your booth per hour. Each visitor takes a picture with your CrowdSign. Each of them share his/her picture with at least 10 friends on their social media platforms within a few seconds of taking the picture. You now have your message/brand in front of 200 people instantly! And all this at the cost of a few dollars! These photo props can be reused any number of times at every event, or you may choose to customize a new one for each event. At a standard 3-5 day event, your message has been transmitted to at least 5000 people, assuming that they have not shared it any further – how is that for new business generation?

trade show marketingAccording to trade marketing experts, the typical visitors at trade shows and conferences nowadays do not just want to be spoken to, they want to be a part of the conversation; they are more receptive to engaging messages that help them meet and talk to others; and, social media has increasingly taken center stage even at these events. With the higher rental charges for lesser space allocations at these events, CrowdSigns' photo props give you extraordinary value, create brand awareness and incorporate entertainment to push your message across. CrowdSigns' photo booth props can be taken for road shows too without any additional budgetary allocations – they are winners all around.

Grab a CrowdSign for your next event!

Good luck on marketing! May the force be with you.

Jovim Ventura

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