How to Effectively Market Your Company at Trade Shows Using this Photo Prop

Posted: Apr 10 2015

Trade shows and business conferences are generally boring events for an average visitor. Sure, the business benefits are many and organizations love participating in such events to gain more business customers and get a word out about their products and services, but for a regular shopper, other than the maddening discounts, the proceedings are certainly dry. If only one could inject a bit of animation into the staid going-ons, something that would not only catch the customers’ interest but also attract non-customers for a spot of fun! With CrowdSigns, now you have the means to infuse some cheer into the formal atmosphere.

CrowdSigns conceptualizes giant photo props based on various social media. The life-size social media props promise endless hours of fun for your customers, friends and family and you can choose from any one of the following social media - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Vine and Tinder. The photo booth props have proved a huge hit in family events like weddings, baby showers, birthdays, school dances and afforded many hours of fun for the attendees and unforgettable memories for all present. Now we are introducing these agreeable ideas at formal trade events to bring a touch of informality and give you an opportunity to bring more people to your stall.

“A awesome idea”, “a much needed spot of fun” and “a unique twist” are how some of our customers such as Samsung & Podo who are regulars at trade fairs, describing our product. Our photo props have attracted large crowds as they promise a bit of ‘goofy’ in an otherwise serious set-up. The photo booth props not only entertain your audience but also provide a unique opportunity for you to engage with your guests at an informal level.

You can include advertising messages or interesting information about your products and services on the photo props and you have an instant marketing message that will last as long as the photos do. Your contact information added to the Instagram photo props will ensure that anyone who sees those photos can be your potential customers. The marketing opportunities are countless, but above all, the message is displayed and carried forward in an engaging fashion, thereby increasing the impact.
Jovim Ventura

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